What Makes Columbus Humane Different?

You probably know we’ve been around town for a long time (134 years to be exact!) and you probably know that if you’re looking to adopt a pet, we have all kinds of wonderful animals available (dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, birds and more!) but we offer many other services to the community that you may not know about. We believe our new name, Columbus Humane, more accurately reflects the many ways we serve Central Ohio.

Our work focuses on helping both animals and people. We provide a variety of important services to the Columbus area and work hard to develop cutting edge, innovative programs that protect and care for animals and serve and nurture the human-animal bond.

Here are some ways that we differ from other animal welfare organizations.


Full Service Veterinary Care

While many animal welfare organizations partner with local veterinarians to provide medical care for the pets they serve, Columbus Humane has a fully staffed, on site veterinary hospital that caring for thousands of animals each year. This helps ensure our animals have access to veterinary care immediately and as often as they need it. Animals in our care or involved in our programs are treated by exceptional veterinarians, vet techs and vet students who perform a variety of surgeries, vaccinations, dental care, standard medical exams and more, right on site. Our veterinary staff also assists our Humane Agents by providing forensic evidence for cruelty cases to help prosecute offenders. And, through our one of a kind partnership with the Ohio State University Veterinary Medical School, we offer an innovative program for veterinary students to receive hands-on medical experience in a shelter setting.


Cruelty Investigations

An important part of the work we do is investigating reports of animal cruelty throughout the county. Our seven Humane Agents make more than 6,000 visits per year to respond to the needs of animals in our community. The cases range from simple to complex. Sometimes a little education is all that is needed to remedy the situation. In other cases, animals are removed from the home and the owner prosecuted. We bring in nearly 1,500 animals to our shelter each year from cruelty cases and provide services to many more. Our agents work closely with law enforcement to bring these cases to justice.


Safe Haven Program for Domestic Violence Victims

Domestic violence is a critical issue in our society. Sadly, many victims stay in dangerous situations because they are afraid to leave their pets. We partner with domestic violence assistance organizations to ensure victims have a safe place to take their pets when they escape an abusive situation. We will shelter victims’ pets, provide medical care and keep them safe until they can be reunited with their owners or, with the owner’s permission, adopted into a loving home.


Animal Support Center

Our Animal Support Center provides a personal and human approach to helping the animals and people in our community. Our staff meets one-on- one with those who, for whatever reason, bring a pet into our shelter. This is so we can gather as much information about the pet as possible and explore all options for the pet. For example, we provide judgment-free counseling to assist pet owners who are experiencing challenges with their pets, either due to financial hardship, behavioral issues, domestic violence or more. We offer assistance in the form of education, medical care, food, supplies, shelter or other resources to families in need.



At Columbus Humane, we are fortunate to have high placement rates for our animals. Therefore, we partner with overburdened shelters to train staff, and provide veterinary supplies and equipment to help their entire shelter population, while also bringing in dogs for adoption. We are excited to be growing this program over the next year to help even more dogs in our community!

In addition to these amazing programs, we provide dog training, spay/neuter to feral cats by working with a trap and release program, administer a huge volunteer program and of course…ADOPTIONS!

We told you there is a lot you might not know about us! So, please, share what you’ve learned about Columbus Humane with others in our community so that we can help more animals and people.

We make Columbus Humane……and you can too!